Comida Para Todos

Every day a hot meal - is not normal to many people. Although the island of Mallorca stands for vacation, sunshine, carefree lust for life and free enjoyment, there is also shadow.

The facts:

• About one-fifth of the population of Mallorca lives below the poverty line

Long-term unemployed receive no financial support
The Spanish social assistance is limited to a few months


The situation:

For many years various organizations have been helping the needy and regularly distributing food and products. But the demand for food and articles of daily use is rising steadily.

The project:

"Comida para todos - food for all" was launched by Lions Club Palma de Mallorca in December 2010. The largest German food discounter on the island allows us
for this purpose to collect food and hygiene articles from its stores for free before the expiry date .

We deliver and distribute them to many institutions (Brotherhood Caputxinos, blackboard "Comedor Zaqueo" monastery "Monestario de Real" homeless house "Can Gaza" uwm) in Palma, and they then pass them on as required as food parcels for poor families
, a breakfast or hot meals for needy seniors, children and the homeless.

Therefore we rely on your donations!

Give that the project will continue and keep a piece of humanity going.
Every euro counts!

Main sponsors or companies that help finance the project, have the opportunity to place advertisements on our transporter. They are also part of our website under optical

Our Flyer "Comida Para Todos"

Comida Para Todos Lions_Flyer.pdf (4.5 MiB)