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Our projects range from children and young adults, to helping & supporting those with visual impairment or in third world countries. Lions commit themselves voluntarily in helping those in need; albeit a neighbour or by offering cooperation in international acti


LIONS CLUB PALMA DE MALLORCA is part of Lions Club International, the world‘s most important Service Club Organization, with over 1,350,000 members from all countries, whose headquarters are located in Oak Brook, Illinois. Our members, of varying nationalities, join together to confront all kinds of humanitarian issues, with the aim of finding solutions.


Since 2005 we have been assisting where needed. Our main project here in Mallorca, „FOOD FOR ALL“, was created in 2010. Five days a week our driver collects food, vegetables, fruit and basic necessities donated by LIDL, which are distributed among various institutions, also to “Mallorca sense fam” in Palma. These supplies are finally distributed in food parcels or as hot meals to families, the elderly and the homeless.


We also help in individual cases, such as the purchase of a corset for a young man who had been paralyzed since birth. His skeleton had become so weak that he needed a new orthopaedic brace urgently. Thanks to our intervention and a few hours of weightlessness therapy in a pool, his quality of life has improved greatly. We also donated educati onal games and a new pair of glasses to a child in AMADIBA, who have a programme aimed at minors with backgrounds of family violence and disruption. In collaboration with the German breast cancer foundation e.V., we donated almost 170 wigs for women suffering from this illness here in Mallorca.

Donate now and help those in need on Mallorca:

Lions Club Palma
IBAN: ES 62 2100 4379 6302 0005 0026

Lions Club Palma de Mallorca Federación de Clubes de Leones de España Distrito 116 A – del Leonismo Internacional
Club-Nr. 84627 Inscrito en el Registre de Asociaciones de les Illes Balears con el Nr. 311000000340. / C.I.F. G-57503831
Tel.: +34 971 22 83 60
Lions Club Palma Carrer Joan Maria Thomás, 2- 1º
07014 Palma

Here is a small October/November review:

The months were not quite as abundant with goods, as we are in the off-season and experience has shown that during this time there is considerably less leftover goods (MERMAS) available at Lidl.
Marcos has mastered the tours with the usual sovereignty. Currently 12 LIDL markets are being visited.
We had to reschedule our tour at short notice, as SOS Mamas’ truck was completely out of action and Marcos made the delivery directly to SOS Mamas.
Normally on Wednesdays there is reloading in the C. Aragon at LIDL.
At the beginning of October we had a breakdown of our truck due to defective brake pads in the front, the steering lock housing had to be replaced and the fuel pressure regulator was defective. In addition the service was carried out immediately. The costs amounted to 975,-EURO.
Unfortunately we had a breakdown of our old truck in the middle of November. Meanwhile it has a proud 397.000KM on its back. There were problems with the ABS system, brake hoses, ABS sensor and brake fluid had to be replaced. Since this is very complex, unfortunately 434,-EURO of repair costs came to us. die Jahre gekommenen LKW.
The company Mallmann in the Poligono Son Noguera in Llucmajor helped us again extremely fast and brought forward our repairs. Many thanks for the always prompt help.
Many thanks also to Paco from the Capuchinos and to Mario from Mallorca Sen Se Fan, who helped us with their manpower and their vans to prevent further tour cancellations.
So only one day of the tour had to be cancelled.

Then, unfortunately, came bad news from our driver Marcos, whose mother died unexpectedly. All our sympathy! This led to another cancellation of the tour.
Current tour:
Monday: Caputxins Plaza de España
Tuesday: Zaqueo and Mallorca Sen Se Fam
Wednesday: SOS Mamas and Monasterio Real
Thursday: Can Gaza and nuns of Can Redo
Friday: Can Gaza
Wolfgang Krämer
Lions Club Palma
+49 171 6997773