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In a small circle we had to hand over the steering wheel this year.

We would have liked to use the handover as an occasion for another big celebration, but unfortunately that was not possible this year – we had to hand over the steering wheel quietly and in a small circle this year.

Our former president

Petra Manuela Steiner

has handed over the leadership to

Dagmar Daum de Waard

She will continue to navigate our ship with proven good hand through the rough waters

Petra has mastered her task brilliantly.
She has strengthened the club and led it in an exemplary manner.
Many thanks for this !

But Dagmar is not new either.
As former president and longtime treasurer she knows exactly what is in store for her.

We wish her a lucky hand and always a handful of water under the keel!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank all donators and helpers again!

Our charter party is not quite cancelled.
On September 26th it is time again:

The magazine “Ultima Hora” has published an article in which our project “Comida para todos” is presented to the public again.

The poverty and neediness in Mallorca increases and increases in the times of Corona. This makes our project all the more important. Let’s hope that our old truck will hold out until we find a solution somehow!
Please keep both fingers crossed!

¡¡¡ Help us so we can get through this crisis !!

Please help us, so that we can continue to fight against
the poverty on Mallorca !

Hello dear friends of Comida para todos!

A hard week is coming to an end. It is already very summery on Mallorca. Actually the time to enjoy would be now, if it wasn’t for this stupid Corona crisis. More and more people are coming to the local tables to get food. Social welfare or unemployment benefits are often not even enough for the rent. It’s good that our project and the boards like here SOS MAMAS exist. The team around Ascen, the founder and our Marcos incl. the whole Lions Club Palma wish you a relaxed and beautiful Pentecost. Stay healthy and thank you for all the big and small donations.
Our donation account: Lions Club Palma de Mallorca IBAN: ES62 2100 4379 6302 0005 0026 | La Caixa Bank

Wolfgang Krämer
Lions Club of Palma
Carrer Joan Maria Thomás, 2-1
E- 07014 Palma de Mallorca

Our big project
"Comida Para Todos" - "Food for All" - has been in existence for 10 years

In recent years, we have generated our costs through donations and through various events during the year. We all work voluntarily! All income goes to our charity projects without exception.

5 days a week we provide the needy on the island with fresh food.

Our old refrigerated truck is still holding up.
but for how much longer?

Here are some impressions from the past days. Hopefully we will be back in business soon!

Co-Di Party

flea markets


Mallorca Classic week

... and many other events you may remember:

Please help in these difficult times

No tourists, no work, no money and only food from aid organisations like us

Poverty is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Unemployment and economic stagnation tearing deep holes

Be generous!

Your help has never been more important